Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been a huge football fan since I was a child. Whether it’s Chelsea, Manchester or any other team, I just used to love the actions. Even now I’m equally thrilled watching these games as I was as a child. Now my passion has reached a different level. I read news and articles on anything related to football. After I watch a match I research on the techniques each team has used to play the game and the mistakes they have made. I know about the capability of the top players of a team and how they can play as a team.

Using my research I’ve placed bets on several matches and won the bets 80% of the time. Now my friends and the people I know who are into betting games come to me for tips before a match. This blog is for the football lovers like me. You don’t need to be a professional tipster to predict the result of a football match. By reading my articles, you will get a deeper understanding of the game and find yourself giving good predictions for upcoming matches. Thank you for visiting my site.